Wednesday, 24 January 2018

Limited Open Edition Prints anyone ?

Why do people buy art? Perhaps it's for the simple reason of wanting to have something that makes you feel happy? Or perhaps you want to own something rare? Maybe a bit of both?

I have been wanting to offer more affordable products, and open editions is one way of doing that. However, I've also come up with a system for making my open editions, limited. Confused? Stick with me...

If you buy a print where the "m" in my signature is slightly faded, then you have one of the first 10 printed. If the "A" in mART is faded, then it's one of the first 11-100 prints. "R" is for 101-500, and "T" is 500+. All prints are exactly the same price, so this system rewards the early bird!

I've just added 3 new canvas prints to my shop.

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