Monday, 26 October 2009

Fry's Mouse Lemur

Stephen Fry recently took on an ambassadorial role with Fauna & Flora International. On his first visit to the FFI head offices in Cambridge, he was presented with an illustration I did of a Madame Berthe's Mouse Lemur.

This tiny primate made an appearance in the BBC's recent "Last Chance to See" series, presented by Stephen Fry and zoologist, Mark Carwardine. The series follows the two, as they travel the globe meeting some of the world's most endangered animals, retracing the footsteps of Douglas Adams and Mark 20 years on.

A must see in my opinion - really enjoyable watch, and a lot of focus given to real conservation issues.

Saturday, 17 October 2009

One in a Million

Here's the link to the blog post about the giraffe auction on One Million Giraffes...

Ola Helland is aiming to reach 1,000,000 giraffes before the start of 2011. Help him get closer to that target by sending in your own entry.

Elephant Parade London 2010

Confirmation came though this week of my involvement in Elephant Parade London.

Set to be the capital's biggest public art ev
ent, 250 fibreglass life-size adolescent elephants will be distributed around the city, on display for a period of three months next year (May - July). Each elephant is sponsored by an organisation or individual and decorated by an artist. I will be taking delivery of my elephant soon.

Some big names of the art world, including Gary Hodges and Quentin Blake, are also taking part in the event. A full list of all contributing artists can be viewed here.

Elephant Family is the charity behind the campaign.
They are hoping to raise over £1 million for conservation projects across Asia. Follow their efforts on facebook and twitter...



Tuesday, 13 October 2009

Giraffe Art Auction for Charity

Winning bid: £110

I am holding an auction of this small giraffe pastel I did recently, inspired by Ola Helland's wonderful initiative One Million Giraffes.

It will take on the form of a silent auction, with the leading bid being displayed at the top of this post.

proceeds from the sale will go to the charity Fauna & Flora International to support the tireless work they do protecting these graceful animals and others in Africa.

Please send your bids to:

You will be notified if you are the current high bidder, but please check back before the auction ends (Sunday 15th November 09, midnight), as you may have been outbid.

The picture is unframed (image size: 7.5 x 11 inches) to allow ease of postage. If you are the eventual winner, you will be sent an email with Fauna & Flora International's payment details, and requested to provide an address for delivery.

Not only is this an opportunity to make a charitable donation to an extremely worthy cause, it could also be a good chance to get your hands on an original Aveling artwork at a very fair price!

If you have any questions about the charity FFI, please contact Camila Iturra on:

Many thanks, and happy bidding!


Monday, 12 October 2009

Weekend at Harrods

Here are a few pictures from last weekend spent drawing on the shop floor at Harrods. There was a fair amount of press on Sunday surrounding the arrival of the world's largest Scooby snack, attracting several known faces and their dogs to stop and pose with the big biscuit. Even Scooby Doo himself took time out of his busy schedule to drop by...

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