Saturday, 14 March 2009

African Wild dog print auctioned as part of FFI appeal

The conservation charity Fauna & Flora International (FFI) have recently launched an appeal for funding to help safeguard the future of African Wild dogs in Mozambique, currently faced with extinction.

The Niassa National Reserve in the north of the country boasts a rich diversity of wildlife, including large populations of elephant and sable antelope, as well as various big predators, such as lion, leopard and hyena. One of the parks other predators is the rare African Wild dog, of which approximately 450 individuals reside. FFI has been working with their local partner to manage the reserve for almost 10 years, and have achieved remarkable success in this relatively short period of time. Despite this however, they still face many challenges, and continued support is paramount for further success in the future.

As part of the appeal, I have donated a limited edition print of one of these dogs, which can be bid for on ebay. 100% of proceeds go to FFI.

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martin said...

After initially not making its reserve price, I was informed that the print eventually sold for £80, which all went towards the appeal.

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