Tuesday, 3 November 2009

Elephant in the Room

Well, here it is - a big white elephant. Let that not be a bad omen... !

Sponsored by FFI, this will be its home for the next couple of months whilst I put my designs to it. Eventually it will take its place alongside approximately 250 others, somewhere in London, as part of Elephant Family's "Elephant Parade London 2010".

I will post more updates below as painting progresse
s over the next few weeks.

It wasn't exactly an easy journey to its temporary home, but the delivery company - Eco Man and Van - are indeed a professional outfit. No valley too deep, no fence too high...

Fri 27th Nov - Crouching Elephant, Hidden Message... can you tell what it is yet ?

The Farrow & Ball paints (kind sponsors of the event) are working out very nicely. I now need to focus all my tim
e on elepainting. Less ambiguous photos to follow next week...

Thurs 3rd Dec

Well, it should be more apparent what it is now (I hope.

I've started applying detail on top of the base layers of colour. Days like today remind me why I opted against painting outdoors. In the wake of Thanksgiving, I'm very grateful for the warmth of my studio!

Sat 20th Dec

Starting to take shape now. I spent today applying the final frosting to the ice. It felt quite apt with the snow falling on the glass ceiling above.

Thurs 24th Dec

It's the final countdown...

I'll be working on the water today, and then again on Christmas morning. He needs a name though, and FFI are running a competition to find one.

Send your suggestions to elephant.comp@fauna-flora.org before 1pm on Boxing Day.

Sat 2nd Jan

Happy New Year!

I'm pleased to announce the elephant now has a name...

Meet "Nanook". The name is derived from the Inuit word for Polar Bear, and, I hope you will agree, quite fitting.

I am just applying the final touches before pu
tting a gloss varnish on the ice parts, in the hope that this will make it shimmer in the sunlight.

Nanook is being collected on the 5th January, whereafter he will undergo an anti-graffiti treatment before being unveiled somewhere in London at the beginning of May. You'll know when I do where that will be.

Tue 5th Jan

Off he goes...

(Original Elephant Parade post)


Chris T said...

Lol - brilliant! wonder what the neighbours thought

Copyright Socialist said...

Look how happy your white elephant is:-)

Anonymous said...

Is it swimming?

martin said...

In a way. Depends what "it" is...

brian.paisley said...

Hi Martin,

Cool looking elephant. We took delivery of ours last month - they are bigger than you think when you have to paint one! You can check ours out at http://www.artinbloom.co.uk/blog/

happy painting!

karen Hollis said...

Hi Martin
Thanks for your comment on 'Just Joey'. Yours looks very 'cool', ha ha.
Does he/she have a name yet?

Lynn said...

Let's call her "Phoobear"

Sergio said...

Brilliant!!! Congratulations Martin, it looks really cool!

Sarah Snell-Pym said...

That is fantastic!

I love the polar bear and the way its paws fit so nicely in the ears! The ice cave is so 3D too :)


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