Monday, 2 May 2011

Tawny Owl Mural

My mum recently turned 60, and as part of her present I painted this mural of a Tawny Owl on the fence in her garden:

It was the second time I've painted a mural without permission. Always a bit of a risk, but thankfully it was well received!


Maggie M said...

This is lovely! I would be tempted to put a small solar powered recorder nearby with a movement sensor, so when ever anything came near it would say "WHooooooo"!
I am sure your mom loved it!

martin said...

A solar powered recorder... nice idea!

Business logo design said...

How incredible it is?? Awesome post!!

Anonymous said...


Solveig said...

I even made my self a peacook! Love your owl, your animals!!
tjec out my blog and see my peacook:)

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